Thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about us.
Our Kennel pictured above was constructed by us using what we had determined necessary to provide all of the finer doggy amenities.This kennel is floor heated in cold weather and air conditioned in hot weather,has color TV ( it is believed that Pugs can actually see colors somewhat as humans) . They love the children's educational  programing provided by TV Ontario, the upbeat childlike sounds appeal to the Pugs love of kids and good honest fun.(The Cavaliers agree that they also enjoy their TV time)
The Jimary Kennel consists of 1000 sq. ft of interior space.The  kennels for the boys are located on the left side (from front view) and the girls  kennels are on the right side.The center section is a large 700 sq. ft.  puppy area and our human interaction and service area( this is where my computer is located.) The male kennels have totally enclosed outer runs with access through individual plastic flap doggy doors,this arrangement is duplicated for the girls.The outside enclosed runs total 600 sq. ft.and have access to separate large exercise areas (each exercise area consists of  at least 10,000 sq. ft. lots of shade and many interesting things to keep curious Pugs And Cavaliers entertained.
Our Pugs And Cavaliers get to use the exercise area at least 4 to 5 hours each day ,this allows their feeling of total natural freedom but ensures their safety ( I oversee all their outside activities, this allows a normal human companion relationship but insures that there won't be harmful disagreements.)
When we first embarked on our journey and love affair with the Pug we shared our human home.To ensure a somewhat normal existence we came to the conclusion that we needed to have our own time to relax with our own species. This brought about the existence of our kennel.
From the very first Pug (a sweet pet) we quickly evolved into the quest of raising the quality of Canadian Pugs. To effect a meaningful change we needed to establish a strong Jimary Line based on the Canadian Pug Standard. As with any life changing (breeder) endeavor that is to have some measure of success, you must begin with a dream and strive to steadfastly adhere to the basic fundamentals of genetics .
For over Twenty years Jimary Perm. Reg'd. has strived and toiled with many encouraging accomplishments. As with anything related to genetics we also experienced many discouraging experiments.
The Jim of Jimary was instrumental in the quest for the perfect Pug and now the Mary of Jimary is striving to establish The Cavalier  King Charles Spaniel into the records under the Jimary prefix.
We both work tirelessly to ensure that  Jimary Pugs and Cavaliers will leave as a legacy the betterment of  both breeds .
We would like to thank all those that have played a part in helping us to become known as Jimary Pugs And Cavaliers a kennel of distinction.
A couple of  adages we believe relate to our efforts:" Success is Satisfaction" and "It Isn't the Destination but the Journey".
Many thanks to our beloved Pugs and Cavaliers for allowing us to have this incredible journey as part of our memories. 

      Jim & Mary Lou of Jimary Pugs and Cavaliers

(SUMMER 2005)